With Untitled Wines we wanted to create something unique. But, unfortunately, lacked the bank roll needed to seek out that ideal piece of terra sancta that allows bunches of grapes to speak poignantly, through the medium of wine, about the terroir in which their roots are planted. So, we had to come up with a different strategy for being different. Stuck for ideas, we drew inspiration from pioneering wines such as Krug, Penfolds Grange, The Prisoner, and Beaucastel to produce three multi-vintage, multi-varietal, multiregional blends--a red one, a white one, and a pink one. We wrote a manifesto (which also indicates why we went with the Untitled moniker) and used snippets from it to create the label for these original three blends (see below). We call these three wines the Manifesto Range.

Since these original three wines, we've gone on to extend our range with some unorthodox pinot blends, some other unorthodox blends we call the Pure Mongrel Range and even a single varietal single vineyard wine.

With Untitled Wines we wanted to create something unique. We think we have, But, why not find out for yourself. You can buy our wines here online.