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White Blend

White Blend

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What are you going to crack open tonight? Sav? Chardonnay? No, anything but Chardonnay! Maybe something more exotic. Albarino? Arneis, even? Can’t make up your mind. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. And, there is a solution. The solution is Untitled White Blend. It’s a delicious, harmonious and totally affable blend of all four of these varieties (it’s even got a tiny splash of Syrah!).

Friendly and easy going enough for your casual wine drinker with ample intrigue and entertainment for your hard out wine geek. The perfect wine to pull out at parties and dinners where the tastes of your guests are wide and varied.

Inspired but the white blends of Bordeaux and the Southern Rhone in France, this carefully crafted blend is youthful and attractive, friendly and approachable, has personality in spades (without being OTT) and is diplomatic to the core.

4 Stars – Michael Cooper

Drinking well now, it’s a good, all purpose white, fresh and full-bodied, with generous, peachy, slightly spicy flavours, dry and smooth.

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