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Red Blend

Red Blend

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Have you ever tried a red wine made from 13 different grape varieties? Are you open minded enough to give it a go? I think you must be. To come shopping on a site like his you’re obviously looking for something a bit different.

Inspired by the great wines of Chateauneuf du Pape and the Red Blend movement that’s currently taking the USA by storm. This wine is a wine lovers wine. Made for when all you want is a good glass of Red.

Potentially a New Zealand first, this blend of 10 red grape varieties and 3 white is a complex wine. On one hand it’s like Joseph Parker—it just loves pies and juicy burgers. But, on the other, it’s not that well-padded or heavy, so is more like Dan Carter—well defined, suave, appealing to both men and women, and very, very precise.

4.5 stars – Michael Cooper

From Untitled, a small, innovative producer based at Henderson, in West Auckland, the wine on the market in late 2021 (4.5*) is a unique combination of 13 varieties (10 red, 3 white), from various regions and vintages. Fragrant, full-coloured, mouthfilling and supple, it has ripe, plummy, spicy flavours showing excellent depth and complexity. A ‘serious’ but highly approachable wine, it’s currently delicious, but should also reward cellaring.

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